Sainsburys is selling the Montagne eau de parfum, which was first introduced in 2010, on a 30-day sale, the latest in a line of high-end eau-coloured goods sold by the UK’s largest supermarket chain.

It comes as the brand is looking to diversify its portfolio of luxury brands after selling off its luxury cosmetics business and buying luxury brands including LVMH.

The sale, to be held from May 1, will also see Sainsbrough sell the Sainsby brand on its website for £45.

The new eau is the first to use the Parfumerie Parfumeur technology developed by French luxury retailer LVMh, which is expected to be available in some of the UK brands on sale. 

Sainsbury said that the sale was part of the company’s “bold strategy to expand the range of high quality products and services that it sells across the UK, and make it easier for customers to shop in our store”. 

Sainburys said that it has sold more than 5 million eau d’origins since launching the brand in 2010. 

The brand, which has been part of Sainsbread since 1985, sells its products in more than 250 stores across the United Kingdom, including in the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. 

LVMh is the world’s largest luxury cosmetics company, selling more than 90 million products, with its annual sales of £18.3bn. 

It is unclear when the new range of eau products will be available. 

A spokesperson for Sainsbys Montagne products told the BBC: We are thrilled to be introducing a range of new Montagnes to the UK market.

They are very affordable, and will make a big difference to customers’ shopping experiences. 

 In the UK Montagens range will be limited to 30 per cent of the total price of the products, so shoppers who would prefer to buy one will need to make up their own mind. 

We will offer the Montagenes for 30 days from May 7, which means that customers can make up to four choices for the range. 

This is the second Montagne sale in the past two months, after the supermarket chain sold its luxury beauty brand, La Roche-Posay, to US beauty retailer Nordstrom. 

Nordstrom’s deal with Sainsbrand came amid concerns that the US cosmetics giant could be losing the market for high-priced luxury products and has warned that its decision to sell the brand could have an impact on its UK sales. 

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