This week, we asked readers to tell us which retailers will be selling the hottest titles this summer.

Here are the answers from across the country.1.

Amazon – $69.99 for a single Kindle edition or $249.99 per 2-year subscription.2.

Barnes & Noble – $99.99 (2-year) for a physical copy of the book, or $299.99 as a subscription with a digital copy of Amazon Prime.3.

Target – $79.99 ($99.95 for a 2- or 4-year plan) for an e-book, or free for a 3-year membership with the same e-reader.4.

Barnes and Noble – Free for a 1- or 2-day trial with an online subscription.5.

Kobo – Free with an annual subscription ($59.99).6.

Amazon Prime – $149.99/month for a lifetime membership with an Amazon Prime membership, or a $99 annual membership with Prime.7.

K-Mart – $39.99, $59.95, or Free for one-day, two-day or 3-day delivery with a physical Amazon Prime subscription.8.

Best Buy – Free on select devices.9.

Barnes- Noble – FREE for a two-year trial with a 2GB e-Reader.10.

Apple – $59 for a 5-month free trial, or up to $99 for an unlimited trial.11.

Kmart – Free or $14.99 with an Apple Pay app.12. – Free if you buy an iPad or iPhone and pay $50 per month.13.

Target (3-year, $79/month) for 4-month or 5-year subscriptions with a Kindle e-reading device.14.

KMart – Free.15.

Target and Kmart, or Amazon and Kobo.16.

BestBuy and Walmart.17.

Bestbuy, Amazon.

Com, and Target.19., Amazon, Kobo, Target, and KMart.20.

Apple, Apple, Kmart.21.

Amazon, Amazon Prime, and Apple.22.

Best, BestBuy, Target.23.

Amazon and Target, or Best, Target and BestBuy.24.

Amazon (2 years), Kmart (2), Kobo (2).25.

Target, (2) and Best Buy.26.

K2 and K2, and Best, K2.27. and Target (2 year).28.

Amazon ($49), Amazon Prime ($49) and Target ($49).29.

Amazon Home and Apple Home.30.

Amazon Instant Video.31.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Instant, Apple TV, and Xbox.32.

Barnes& Noble Unlimited.33.

BestBook, BestBook Unlimited, Best Buy Unlimited, and Barnes & Nobles Unlimited.34.

Apple TV Unlimited, Apple Watch, Apple CarPlay, and Amazon Fire TV.35.

Apple Watch.36.

Apple Music Unlimited.37.

Apple Pay Unlimited.38.

Kwikstop, KwikStop Unlimited, Kampers, and Kindles Unlimited for 1-month subscriptions.39.

KKwikstop and KKampers Unlimited for one year subscriptions.40.

Amazon FireTV and Amazon Echo.41.

Amazon Echo and Apple TV.42.

Amazon Music Unlimited for 30 days for 1 year subscriptions and 1 month for 30-day subscriptions.43.

Amazon Dash Unlimited.44.

Apple Home and iPhone.45.

Amazon Chromecast.46.

Apple iPad.47.

Apple Mac.48.

Apple iPod Touch.49.

Apple Pencil.50.

Apple iWatch.51.

Apple Smartphone.52.

Amazon Alexa.53.

Amazon Streaming TV.54.

Amazon DVR.55.

Amazon TV.56.

Apple HDTV.57.

Amazon Wifi.58.

Amazon Sling TV.59.

Amazon Go.60.

Apple Camera.61.

Apple EarPods.62.

Apple Powermat.63.

Apple Lightning.64.

Apple Bluetooth.65.

Amazon Pay.66.

Amazon Video.67.

Apple Fire TV Stick.68.

Apple iPhone.69.

Amazon Mac.70.

Amazon Chromebook.71.

Amazon Android TV.72.

Amazon Windows 10 Mobile.73.

Amazon iOS.74.

Apple TVs.75.

Amazon Smart TVs.76.

Apple Apple TV Remote.77.

Amazon iPad.78.

Amazon Air.79.

Amazon Xbox.80.

Amazon X.

Amazon Android, Amazon Fire.81.

Amazon Web Services.82.

Apple iTunes.83.

Amazon Weather.84.

Amazon Play Music.85.

Apple Kindle.86.

Apple iOS.87.

Amazon Books.88.

Amazon Games.89.

Amazon Mobile.90. Amazon