Posted by Business Insider on Saturday, August 21, 2019 11:07:00Amazon Prime has been a huge hit for retailers, especially online retailers, with consumers buying nearly 80% of the product lines.

However, it’s not always easy to know exactly how many Prime customers actually pay for each item, and the company has faced backlash for charging consumers more for more products. 

Now, Amazon has announced that its Prime membership is going to cost a little less than what it’s been charging for its other products, but only for a limited time.

Starting August 23, Amazon will start charging a $10.99 annual fee for a Prime membership for customers who have been eligible for a membership in the past.

The fee is waived for those who have paid a minimum of $99.99 for their Prime membership.

This means that you’ll still have access to Amazon’s Prime app and other Prime-related services, but your Prime membership won’t include access to free shipping and Prime Music streaming.

The new fee is for the first year, so if you sign up now you’ll get $10 a year.

For those who’ve already signed up for a subscription, you’ll need to pay $20 a year for a new one.

You’ll also need to keep a monthly Prime account active for the next year to keep the new fee.

If you already paid a monthly subscription, this means that the new $10 fee is going away in the next few months. 

Prime is one of Amazon’s top products, and many people have been surprised to see the company charge a premium for its subscription service.

However the company is also facing some backlash from customers who don’t like the way it treats them, or those who feel that it’s making them feel like they’re paying more for something they’ve already paid for.

The subscription fee has sparked some controversy for Amazon, with some customers complaining about the cost.

Amazon recently released a statement explaining why the fee is in place, but many customers have already expressed their frustrations about how Amazon is treating them.

Some customers are upset that the subscription fee doesn’t include Prime Music and Amazon Prime Video, two products that have been popular among Prime customers.

Some people have also been unhappy that the fee doesn. 

Amazon Prime membership was announced as part of the company’s $99 a year plan in October 2018, and for the time being the company will charge a $15 annual fee to anyone who already has a membership.