Next Big Futures, a digital marketing and digital advertising startup, will launch its e-shop on March 23.

It will offer three different products: a gift card, a smartphone app and a digital book.

The company’s mission is to help people find the best value online.

“Our goal is to make buying more efficient and easy for consumers,” said the founder and CEO of Next Big.

“We want people to buy the products they need to have the best experiences.”

The new e-store will be able to be used for multiple things.

The first will be to sell gift cards.

It also plans to offer the app for free, which is similar to the current Apple App Store app.

It’s not clear when or if consumers will be getting a gift code.

It seems like the app will be a part of the next-gen e-shops.

Next Big Futuries’ new product will allow customers to shop for different brands of products, and also a range of online services.

It’ll be able also to create customised gift cards and gift certificates, as well as offer a shopping portal.

Next BIG also plans on launching a smart phone app.

The app will allow consumers to order online, pick the product and then get it delivered to their doorstep.

“We’re focusing on a specific type of consumer that is in the ecommerce space,” said founder and managing director of Next BIG, Daniel Osterhout.

“The consumer doesn’t really have the time to spend time on the phone.

It is a bit of a challenge to create an app that allows them to do it without their phone.”

The e-sales portal will allow users to sell online products and services for a fee, as the company aims to offer discounts for low-income people.

The digital book, on the other hand, is a book that will allow people to create customized bookmarks.

The new product has been developed to be as simple as possible.

“I think the most exciting part of this project is the fact that it’s a completely new product,” said Oster, adding that the product is meant to make the ebooks easier to read.

“It’s just a tool, and it’s really simple.”

The company has a partnership with an online book retailer, Booktopia, and will start selling the digital book through their website on March 25.

It doesn’t yet have an estimated release date.

Next big is a venture from a group of Canadian tech companies, who all believe that the e market needs more digital marketing, not less.

The startup hopes to get the digital space under its belt by the end of the year.