Mulberry has always been a big-selling brand.

Its stores are packed with magazines, T-shirts, hats and even clothing lines that are designed to appeal to the hipster.

And now that it is expanding into other industries, including toys and home furnishings, the chain is in a tricky spot.

Mulberry announced that it will be selling its entire online store from October to March and will close the doors of its stores at midnight on Sundays.

That will mark the end of the Mulberry outlet sale.

It also marks the end for the iconic brand as the brand is now a major part of the online shopping ecosystem.

Mulberries online store was part of a strategy to attract shoppers with the company’s popular products, but it is also a sign of the times, said Chris Sacca, an analyst at Wedbush Securities.

“I think it’s just a testament to the fact that online shopping is now in the digital era and you can get all the products you want, but the way they are going is they are also going to be more targeted,” Sacca said.

The chain has already sold about 5 million items on its website and is targeting to sell that many items per week.

While some of those sales are for its products, it is a sign that customers are moving to other online shopping sites, Sacca added.

It’s also the latest sign that online shoppers are becoming more sophisticated and less likely to shop in stores.

The retail industry is changing and more people are choosing to shop online, said Andrew Laughlin, an economist at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

“We see this in other industries as well.

We see the Internet being used to shop for clothes, for example, and we see other businesses are also shifting to online shopping,” he said.

Mulworth is also trying to compete with other online retailers by creating a new category of online shopping, where customers can shop for products by brands that are not owned by the brand.

“The retail world is a huge change and we have to adapt, but we also have to change to keep pace with the times,” Mulworth said.

With the Mulberries new store, Mulberry is also offering discounts for online shoppers.

Customers can get 10 percent off a $100 purchase on or by going online to

For instance, the savings will be 10 percent for people who are on a new Mulberry plan.

Mulieres new online store also offers a new shopping experience for customers.

The store will allow customers to create shopping baskets to share with their friends.

They can also choose their own shopping cart and use it to shop.

They will also be able to customize shopping carts to fit their shopping needs.

Mulries online store has also expanded its offerings with more brands on offer.

The retailer is now offering $20 off a full-size Mulberry product or $20 for a 10-item set.

The brand will also offer $50 off Mulberry items with a coupon code at

For $40, customers can save up to 50 percent on Mulberries toys and furniture.

It will also sell an extra 50 percent off Mulberries accessories.

The company also has a new online grocery section called MulberryShop that lets customers shop for groceries, dry cleaning and home goods.

The new online shopping experience is expected to help boost sales at Mulworth stores and increase the brand’s value.

“This is just another example of how brands are evolving, and there is a lot of growth happening online,” Suca said.

While the chain will no longer be able forgo the outlet sale as it is now an online retailer, it will still offer discounts on items.

For example, if customers pay $100 for a Mulberry shirt, Mulworth will offer $10 off that shirt.

Customers will also see an increase in their savings with the addition of a new coupon code that allows them to get the discount for the first time on a Mulberries full-sized product or item set.

“There is definitely a growing trend toward being more digital and to being more interactive online,” said Laura Liddon, a marketing consultant at JWT.

“Mulberry has done a lot to connect with customers online and the more people have the opportunity to do that, the better off they are.”

Mulberry already offers discounts on Mulbry products online, but they are limited to the first 50 customers they sell.

The outlet sale also comes as other retailers are cutting back on their stores.

Target, for instance, is cutting its online store and is moving into brick-and-mortar locations, Sccacca said, but Macy’s is still in the same mode.

Macy’s said in a statement that it was expanding its online offerings and expanding online pickup in November.

Macy said that its online pickup and shipping is a key part of its business model