Vitra is a new brand from Italian appliance manufacturer Vitra, and the company’s latest offering is a slim line of models aimed at a broader audience of people looking to get into the space. 

This new line is priced at just $299.95, which is below the current Vitra outlet price of $299, but well above the Vitra’s $99.95 base price.

Vitra also sells a range of other accessories, but these aren’t included in the $299-299.65 base price tag. 

The company sells a number of other Vitra appliances in the US, including the VitRA Smart Stove and Vitra Pro Refrigerator.

The company has also started a new US website called Vitra Outlet that will allow customers to browse and shop for all the new and used Vitra products.

Vitra also offers a new, simplified online store where customers can easily check out new products and find deals on them.

Vitamix is another new Vitra brand, which includes the Vitamax SmartStove and the Vitamic Smart Refrigerators. 

For $299 or less, you can get a new KitchenAid, microwave, or freezer for just $129.95.

Vitamic, the smaller and more affordable of the two, sells a lot of kitchen gadgets, like the VitAmix, but the product is still priced below the Vitraleo line, which has a base price of just $249.99. 

Vitamix also sells the Vitracaster 2.0 and the more expensive Vitamica 3.0.

Both products are more than $100 cheaper than the Vitramax line, so if you’re looking for a good, inexpensive way to get some new gadgets, you’ll want to look elsewhere.