Tommy’s outlet sales have sold out for the third straight week and they’re still running with over 6,000 outlets in stock, which is impressive considering the recent closure of many of their outlets.

As with most outlets, you’ll be able to buy new gear in the new store and select a few items in the store for a few hundred dollars more.

As you can see in the chart above, this is still a pretty big deal for Tommy outlets.

The store is also currently down to a few remaining outlets and will be closed from Monday through Wednesday. 

Tommy’s is also selling a new outlet called Tommy Gear.

This is a much cheaper version of the existing store and is expected to be a very popular store for the next few weeks. 

It is worth noting that you can get Tommy gear for around $300 for the regular edition of Tommy and is the best value in the outlet store.

Tommy Gear is a store dedicated to retro gaming, retro accessories, and retro game consoles.

You can also check out the Tommy Gamer store which is an awesome selection of accessories for gaming. 

While I have no real plans to buy any of the Tommies, I am happy to see them selling out, so I’m sure that this will continue to sell out.

I know that the stores website has already been taken down, but if you are interested in seeing what they have in stock and have not already done, check out their Instagram feed and you can grab the new Tommy store in the near future.