Lenovo and Dell have teamed up to sell a whopping 1,200 of the most powerful laptops on the market.

The company said the laptop, the ZBook Pro, costs around £1,000 but can be had for around £200.

Lenovo ZBook is an Ultrabook that has the Core i5 processor and Intel Skylake chips.

This makes it a powerful machine for professionals who require powerful performance.

The laptop has an AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 GPU, which means it can take full advantage of DirectX 11 features, including support for the new 3D Vision technology.

The ZBook comes with a 15.6in touchscreen, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, all with a 5,200rpm hard drive.

The system also comes with Intel’s Iris Graphics 6100 GPU.

Other laptops available on the Lenovo website are the ZPowered and the Zbook Pro.

These two models cost around £900 and £1 (about $1,100) respectively.

These models can be purchased online from the Lenovo UK website.

You can buy a Lenovo ZBook today from Lenovo UK.

This laptop is listed as sold out, so you can’t get it from Lenovo stores in the UK.

The sale has ended.