Tokyo has an incredible array of sushi bars.

Many of them offer a variety of different kinds of sushi.

Here are some of our favorites.1.

Tsubameji (東崎) The Tsubamori (村崋) restaurant in downtown Tokyo’s Ginza district is famous for its delicious sushi. 

The restaurant offers a selection of traditional Japanese dishes and fresh, high-quality sushi, as well as a wide range of new flavors and styles. 

2.  Chubu (為済) This traditional Japanese restaurant offers two main sushi restaurants.

The Chubu restaurant is the traditional Japanese sushi bar, and the Chubukai is a new restaurant offering a new menu, including sushi made from scratch. 


Takayasu (夜白) A famous sushi bar in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, Takayasho is a sushi bar with a menu that includes a variety-of-sushi menu, plus a number of other specialties.


Sushi in the Park Sushi and food festivals are held in the parks of Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland.

This year, a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo was awarded the coveted title of Best Sushi in Tokyo, after offering a variety menu of new sushi dishes. 


Takashi and Sono (杯子) Tokyo’s Takashi Sakuraba is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

It is one the most famous sushi restaurants, and it also serves the best-tasting sushi of the year.


Toshi (大地) Toshi is a small-plates sushi bar and a popular place to get your sushi fix in Tokyo Disneyland Park. 

It serves an extensive selection of sushi and other Japanese cuisine.7.

Takato Takato is one big spot for sushi in Tokyo and is famous as one of Tokyo’s top sushi restaurants with a number, including Takato (杭崌).

8. Takamachi Tameki (杰崗) Located in Shibuya Ward, Takamachis sushi bar is famous in Japan for the variety of fish and seaweed served at the sushi bar. 9. 

Ginza Girin (高崊) One of the biggest sushi restaurants to open in Tokyo is Ginza Ginza.

This is a large, modern sushi restaurant with a huge selection of new and old Japanese cuisine and a wide selection of imported and Japanese cuisine items.10. 

Tasuga A restaurant with sushi in its name is located in the Ginza shopping district.

The Tasuga is one one of Japan’s most famous Japanese restaurants.

This sushi restaurant has the best food, service and sushi in Japan.11.

Tatsuya A sushi bar located in Yokohama Ward in Tokyo has become famous for the traditional sushi menu.

The restaurant offers many varieties of Japanese cuisine, including tuna, fish, chicken, and vegetables.12. 

Sashimi A special sushi bar for sushi and a sushi and fish shop in Kyoto is popular in Japan, especially in the capital city.

It serves traditional Japanese cuisine that includes sushi, ramen, and other types of sushi, which is a popular food in Kyoto.13. 

Shimane The Shimane restaurant in the city of Shimane, Japan, is one popular sushi bar serving a variety sushi dishes, including new sushi.14. 

Bokoro The famous Tokyu (ペンホ) sushi bar offers traditional Japanese food, which includes tuna, salmon, and squid, as an appetizer and sushi for two.15. 

Makoto A well-known sushi bar from Osaka is the main sushi spot in Osaka’s central business district.

It offers a variety assortment of sushi items and is popular among tourists.16. 

Otomo A specialty sushi bar serves a variety seafood dishes.

It has a large selection of seafoods and a large variety of new foods.17. 

Ueda A new sushi restaurant, located in Tokyo Ward, Ueda, is popular for the high quality of their sushi, especially the specialty fish like squid, squid with ahi tuna, and octopus.18. 

Akiyu The Akiyu is a traditional Japanese dining room that offers a wide variety of Japanese food.19. 

Akashikata A great new sushi place, located near Akashikaka, Tokyo, has been opening for two years in Tokyo Square, and has become one of my favorites.

This restaurant offers new Japanese food and a variety dishes.20. 

Kawasaki A popular sushi restaurant in Kawasaki, Japan is a great place to try sushi at home, especially if you’re a sushi lover like me.21. 

Shinjuku A small sushi