TOMMY’S OUTLET SALE IN MUMBAI’S GURUON The Tommy outlet has been opened in Gurgaons main mall and its opening is expected to attract an audience of 1,000.

TOMMY OUTLET IN GURULAO: The outlet will cater to all types of shoppers and will be open from 7 am to 7 pm, with the sale ending at 7 pm.

The outlet will also be able to sell premium jewellery.

The price of Tommy is around Rs 1,400-1,500.

Mumbai’s TOMMY, one of the oldest and most visited jewellers in the country, has been selling Tommy watches for decades.

Bengaluru’s TOMMIES outlet is the latest outlet to be launched in the city, having been opened by the same owners.

Dipak Choudhary, Managing Director, Tommy said, “The Tommies outlet is a great outlet, it has an eclectic range of jewellery for sale and its a great venue for business meetings.

We are also going to launch a Tommy Watch Shop at the mall.”

The new outlet has also been set up in Gaurangur, in Kolkata’s Kolkatta suburb, in order to cater to both locals and tourists.

Sale outlets are expected to grow in popularity in the next few years, with more and more malls opening their doors to retail and entertainment, as demand for the luxury goods increases.