The best fashion from around the globe from the best brands. 

I’ve been looking for a good new source for some fashion advice, and the answer is the BBC World Service, which has a wide range of great advice from women’s magazines. 

When I’m not covering fashion, I’m usually spending time with my cat and the kids. 

As well as a wide variety of fashion tips, the programme also has an amazing range of programmes covering politics, technology and much more. 

The latest issue of The Daily Mail has been published in a special edition, so you can read it on your phone, tablet or computer right now. 

But what you won’t see on this page is a list of the top 20 best women brand owners. 

Instead, I’ve just put together a list based on what I’ve seen. 

This list is meant to be just as useful for those looking to buy fashion as it is for anyone looking to know which brands have the best prices, which are the best sellers, which have the biggest range of styles, which sell at the cheapest prices, and so on. 

There’s a great guide on the BBC’s website, called the BBC Style Guide, that has a lot more detail on each of the brands and what they offer, but here’s a quick summary of the key features of each. 

It’s worth noting that this list is in no way a comprehensive guide to all the best fashion brands around the planet. 

For a more in-depth look at the brands, you can check out the BBC Women’s Guide to Fashion or the BBC Guide to Beauty, which covers every major beauty brand around the UK. 

In the interests of fairness, I also included a list that includes the brands that I’ve personally visited or been to, such as Victoria’s Secret, Dolce & Gabbana, Topshop, Gucci and others. 

If you’re in the market for new clothes, there are loads of fantastic clothing retailers out there to choose from, so it’s worth taking the time to research your favourites. 

Some of the clothing brands I’ve tried on have been on the list before, so if you have a favourite brand that you haven’t tried on yet, it’s probably on there. 

Now onto the list:1.

Chanel – The Chanel brand is one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, and is known for its womenswear, womens accessories, women’s perfumes and other accessories. 

So, how did Chanel stack up against other brands? 

Chanel sells over 70,000 products a year, which is the biggest in the UK, behind the likes of L’Oreal and Ralph Lauren. 

They have an excellent range of womens clothes and womens shoes. 

Chanels womens underwear is a must-have, as are their women’s dresses. 

On top of this, Chanel also has some pretty incredible womens fragrances, and their fragrance collection is very well-known, so they have some great fragrancing options for any woman. 

Their womens collection includes some really stunning womens handbags, as well as womens necklaces and scarves. 

Also worth mentioning is that Chanel sells their clothes online, so when you shop there, you’ll get some great deals. 


Dolce&Gabbana – Dolce’s womens line is a very successful womens label. 

Its range of feminine fragrancies, perfumes, accessories, and makeup are pretty well known and a lot of the products are extremely popular. 

You can find Dolce and Gabbanna womens perfumes online and in their womens store. 

Dolce & Gabla womens products are available in a number of colours and in a range of shades, which makes them a great choice for any kind of colour-conscious woman. 


Gucci – Gucci is another well-established womens brand that’s been around for quite some time. 

Gucci has a very diverse range of products, and its womans collection includes womens dresses, womans tops and womans bags. 

Like Chanel, Guccis womens fabrics are well-loved and it’s a must have for any women who want to wear a more feminine look. 


L’Oréal – L’oréal is a womens cosmetics brand that sells an incredible range of cosmetics and body products, including some amazing fragrants. 

One of the best fragrantly-scented body sprays on the market is the Aveda Avede Body Spray, which was recently on sale for £79.99. 

L’Oréeal is the most successful fragrance brand in the fashion world, with more than 300