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How Lululemo sold its outlet in Utah

The Utah-based clothing retailer Lulules, which specializes in women’s and children’s apparel, said it sold its Salt Lake City outlet to an outlet-supplier for $3.7 million.Lulules also said it plans to close its Salt Lakes store in the coming weeks.In January, the retailer said it was selling its Salt River outlet to a retailer based […]

Swarovski to sell Lululemo outlet in Australia

Swarovskis outlet in Melbourne has been sold to a Japanese retailer, according to a report in the Japanese media.The outlet in the city of Kewpie has sold to Tokyo-based company Swarovks.A spokesman for the Japanese company told Reuters the outlet will be sold to another buyer.The spokesperson said the outlet was sold on July 4 […]

Which of these is the best fashion accessory for you?

It is no secret that many people have loved and/or disliked certain brands over the years.Some of them have been quite well-known brands, while others have been under-appreciated and just received too little exposure.But what if we could narrow down the list of the best clothing and accessories, based on our own subjective opinion?Well, you […]