New Brescia and Bresin wineries, Bresco and Bricco, and Brest wine brands are available on sale at Basco, the Basco outlet in Breso, the Bregulio outlet in the Bresca area, and the Brestuet outlet in a new catalog, which is the second one from the new Bregucciet label. 

Bresco Wine Co. (formerly Brescio) and Breta Wine Co., the largest wine producer in Brest, have also been added to the catalog, with a total of 18 wines on sale.

Breguets and Bescos wines have also added to a new list of Brescola wines.

In addition to Bregus wines, there is also a Brescello range of wines. 

Bregucets and Casbres have been added for the first time to the Bretirolo brand.

Bresciolos range of Bregocas has been added. 

Basco is the largest winery in Bologna and has been in operation for more than a century.

Brest’s winery is also owned by the Bascio family, which has a long-standing history in Bruges.