A new TV series from the creators of ‘Maggie’ is coming to Netflix on March 11.

The show, starring Emily Browning and David Mitchell, follows an African American family in the American South in the early 1960s, which the show is set in.

It follows a group of misfits who are drawn to a small, rural town in the North and forced to escape the oppression of white plantation owners.

“We wanted to make a show that was more inclusive of people of color,” Mitchell told BuzzFeed News.

“It’s a story of family.

It’s a love story.”

The show is part of a new initiative called “Muck,” which launched on March 1 to create more diverse programming in the US.

The initiative will be presented to a select group of TV, film, and digital channels over the next few months, and the first episodes will premiere in the spring.

“This is something we’ve been talking about for a while, and it’s really about the importance of having a diverse group of people that we can trust,” Mitchell said.

“And I think that’s something that we’ve always struggled with in our shows, because we have to make sure that we have people that are not racist, that aren’t homophobic, that are really not able to be white.”

Mitchell, Browning, and co-creator Andrew Zuckerman have a history of being critical of the current racial landscape in the United States, and Mitchell is excited about the show’s chance to be a part of that conversation.

“I think that the conversation has been really important for a long time in the past,” he said.

“[The show] is an incredibly powerful thing.

The fact that we’re getting the chance to talk about this is really exciting for me.”