Newsweek is offering a free e-book on how to be a better writer in an exclusive offer.

The magazine said the “Empowerment Book” is for women who have been told that they don’t have the skills to be good writers, but don’t want to admit it.

The book will be written and edited by Jennifer L. Henson, a writer and teacher.

It includes advice for women on finding the passion and confidence to write.

It’s designed to help women understand how they can improve their writing, how to make better decisions about how to share their work, and how to find a better audience.

Henson said she’s excited to have her voice heard.

“I want to offer the world the tools I know that women need to be successful in the publishing world, not only in the literary world, but in the marketing world as well,” Henson said in a statement.

“I hope the book can help empower and empower women to be the best they can be, and help them find the courage to make the bold decisions that they so desperately want to make.”

“Empowers you to be more than a writer.

Empowers you to find the passion, the joy and the joy in the world around you,” she said.

Henson said she has received a lot of positive feedback about the book, including from writers, editors, and booksellers.

“It’s been a blast writing it and sharing it,” she wrote.

This is the first time Newsweek has offered an e-class on how writers can become better writers.

Empowered by a single book.

I have the tools, the inspiration and the support to become the best I can be.

I will show you how to take your creative process to the next level.

It is an empowering book that will make you think and help you become a better person.

I am here to help you reach your goals and to make your dreams come true.

As you read this, you will learn how to:1.

Use your mind, your writing, and your passions to become a more creative, insightful, and confident writer.2.

Build your confidence and your writing skills by learning to listen, empathize, and trust yourself.3.

Discover the power of positive thinking to build and sustain your creative juices.4.

Make a list of things you are excited to do, and do them every day.5.

Read, think, and practice your creative writing skills to build your writing chops.

This book offers tips on how you can use your skills to become better at writing, including:1) Recognize when you are failing and make changes to make things better2) Identify the mistakes you make and avoid them.3) Find the courage and drive to get things done.4) Take action.5) Listen to your inner voice.

If you’re looking for advice, check out this free guide from the New York Times.