Windsor — The last thing you want to do when you move into a new home is go through the motions of buying a new one.

You’re already spending money to keep up with the repairs you need to make, so you’re just more focused on the new place you’re living in and the home you want.

That’s not always the case in the Windsor area.

With more and more of the city’s homes coming on the market at record rates, the area has a number of vacant houses that are now up for sale, often on the same street.

That makes it harder for people to buy and sell homes as quickly as they want, as well as for the people who want to live in the area to be able to do so.

“I can’t think of a time when I’ve bought a house in the past that I felt like I could really sell it at that time,” said Zod owner, Michael Condon.

“That’s what’s really frustrating.”

The latest home to come up for bid for sale in Windsor is the Wolfensale sale outlet in a block of land between Eglinton and Eglinski streets, on the corner of Queen Street and Queen Street East.

The home, built in 2012, has been the subject of a number in-depth reports on its condition over the years.

In November 2016, a report found that the building had undergone about 100 structural and electrical upgrades, which included new sprinkler systems and a new roof.

It was also equipped with a sprinkler system, a system that’s supposed to provide fresh water to the roof of the property.

But in April 2017, the report noted that the system wasn’t functioning properly, and the system was no longer working.

It also said the property was unsafe for anyone to be in.

“The building itself has had a lot of major issues, including the building’s electrical systems and the fact that it’s not up to code,” said Condon, who is also a realtor.

“It was in pretty poor condition in the early days, and it’s very much a property that people have been asking for.”

According to the report, the property has been in the rental market for some time.

However, there were no offers in early 2016, and in January 2017, a person who lived in the building called the building owner and said they wanted to buy the home.

The property was offered for $3,600, which was the asking price, but the buyer, a woman who didn’t want to be identified, turned the offer down.

“We were in a lot more trouble than we were,” said the woman.

“This is just a home that’s been there a long time.”

A year later, in February 2017, Condon received a phone call from someone who wanted to sell the property at a price that was close to the asking amount.

The woman who answered the phone wanted to go to court to buy back the property, and she told the owner about her intention to sell.

“They said they’d get me a letter from the property manager to get me to accept it,” Condon said.

“Then they started talking to us about how the house looked and how the roof looked.”

When the woman was told the house was in good shape, she said she was “a little bit disappointed.”

“I’d rather have somebody who’s actually got the money and a nice home than somebody who thinks that it looks like a house that needs to be sold,” she said.

The buyer told Condon that they wanted the property to be renovated to provide the best possible home for her and her family, but they couldn’t afford to do that.

She said the buyer had previously had to pay $400 to move into the property and that was going to be her first monthly payment on the property in three years.

The seller said they were also looking for a new furnace.

“When you’re in a property like that, the furnace is going to cost you $100 a month,” said one of the buyers, who did not want to give her name.

“So the owner wants you to pay the price, and they’ve said they’re going to have to sell you the house.”

“So you’re going back to the drawing board, and that’s what I wanted to say to the seller,” said another buyer, who also did not wish to give his name.

The last time someone bought the home, in June 2017, it had already been assessed for $1,800.

“What do you expect when you buy a property?” said one buyer, “I want it to be good and not have any major issues.

That would have been nice.”

The seller told Cordono that the property had been in a bad state for several years, but said it wasn’t due to any structural damage, or a leaky roof.

The new buyer, however, said the previous owner had