A local supermarket has revealed it will be offering free delivery on the next day to people who buy items online and don’t have a local delivery address.

Key points:The supermarket chain has launched a trial in Victoria that will give free delivery to people in inner-city suburbsThe trial, called “Lulu”, is due to run from April 5-7, 2017 at 30 locations in inner Victoria, including St Albans, St Alban, Cairns, Stirling and Wollongong”Lulu” is a pilot program for the online ordering of items at local retailers in Victoria.

“We’ve always been looking for ways to extend the reach of our business to people across Victoria, and Lulu is one of those opportunities,” Lulu spokesman David Taylor said.

“It’s an opportunity to get people to shop in Victoria’s inner-urban areas and provide a good value to our customers, who we believe are a key part of our community.”

The trial is being run by a local grocery chain, Lulu, which has an extensive network of retailers in the region.

“The trial will see shoppers able to pick up items online from Lulu for $5.49 each, with delivery charges to apply.”

Libraries have been a great service for the community, so we’re excited to be able to extend that service to people living in inner city suburbs,” Mr Taylor said.”

Lulu’s trial will run for six months, with all of the stores participating in a trial period of three months.

The trial period is intended to give shoppers access to a wider selection of Lulu products, including kitchen utensils, laundry detergents, dishwashers and laundry machines.

Lulu said the free delivery would be rolled out across all stores, but not in a limited number of stores.

“There will be a range of Lulli retail stores in Victoria with the opportunity to deliver Lulu free delivery,” Mr Taylors spokesman said.”[In the] early part of the trial, Lullis stores will be running Lulu delivery to ensure customers have the best shopping experience.”

A limited number will be opening up in early April, and other stores will open up throughout the trial period to make sure Lulu can deliver the best Lulu product selection possible.

“Mr Taylor said the trial would run until April 5.