The brand is looking to revive its popularity in Europe and the US, with a new website aimed at millennials, the Telegraph reports.

The new Swarovskys outlet is called Swarovkys UK, and it aims to provide shoppers with an easy way to buy products.

In its latest advert, Swarovs brand says it will provide a new, simplified and cheaper way to get their swarovskis.

“Swarovski has been in the news lately for some really controversial things and, for many, we can’t help but be a little worried about this brand,” Swarovks UK’s marketing director, Sami Reis, told the Telegraph.

“There are many people out there who are worried that their money will be used to support extremists.

And for some of them, it may not be an option.

So what we’re trying to do here is make it easier to buy swarovs.”

Reis also promised to give the swarovshys brand “greater exposure in the marketplace” to promote the brand.

The brand has been under fire from activists, who have been calling for the UK’s largest jeweller to stop selling the brand’s goods.

Swarovs UK also announced that it will be “shipping a range of Swarovschys products worldwide in 2018”.

More:The company said the UK launch is planned for March 28, and that the new Swovski UK website will be launched on May 1.