How to buy and sell your own car parts and service in Ireland? Read more I bought my first used car a couple of years ago, but it was on a journey to be replaced.

A good mechanic would fix any damage that had been made and I didn’t want to waste time on it.

A few months later, I was lucky enough to find a mechanic at a good shop, and the car started to run great again. 

Then it was a case of buying the parts.

I’d read a couple posts on the internet that you could buy parts from local shops, but I didn’ want to risk buying it from a private seller. 

So I took a chance and bought my car from a garage sale, only to find that they were all sold out of parts.

They were all so new and I had to spend some more money. 

Now I have a car, and I’m thinking about buying parts for it, but before I do I need to do a bit of research. 

The cheapest car parts on the market? 

There are a few different parts that you can buy, so I decided to go with a simple rebuilding tool that was readily available online. 

I went to the cheapest car repair shop I could find, and after browsing the shelves, picked out the parts I wanted to replace. 

If you’re looking for car parts to replace a car engine, the best thing to do is go to your local petrol station. 

In my case, the petrol station I visited was Derek and Mary’s, and it had all the parts needed for my new car, including the motor engine skewers, air intake spoke and cooler pipes as well as a moulding kit. 

After the parts arrived, I had to wait until it was time to buy them, and to do so, I had to go in person to the repair shop. 

It was a pain in the ass, but I knew I had found the perfect car parts supplier. 

A couple of days later, they were available to me for a reasonable price. 

Before you go buying car parts online, be sure to ask your local car parts shop about the availability of their parts. 

My car had been bought from a local repair shop for  a few months before I went online. 

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Happy shopping, the FourFourSecond team.