A major retail chain is closing its doors and selling off the products it sold to customers.JULIUS SAINTS, owner of a small retail outlet in the city of Malmo, Sweden, told The Local that he has already sold off some of his items.

“I have already sold my entire collection of clothes,” he said.

“We are selling all of my items at a loss, so it’s going to take us about a year or so to sell everything off.”

His sales have been so strong that he is now preparing to close the store and move onto other things, he said, adding that he will have to spend money to replace the items that he sold.

He said he decided to close up shop because he had grown tired of dealing with the high costs of running the business.

“We have to pay for rent and all the equipment we use,” he told The Låningan.

“There’s no room in the store for other stores.”

The retailer’s closure has come after a similar situation at a major department store chain, which shut down earlier this year.

“The Swedish chain that closed last year was also quite popular,” Jens Hörst told The Guardian.

“They had a lot of old and cheap clothes and they were also in the process of closing down.”

However, he added that the retailer’s closing was “just a case of the economy changing, so that people could buy less and spend less.”

“Now, people can choose more creative and healthy products, but also cheaper products,” he added.

“It’s a huge success for Swedish retailers, and it’s something we’re working on to make more successful in the future.”

A store in Malmo that sold its last stock of clothes, in September.

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