Grange outlet sales have become a popular way for shoppers to shop for electronics.

But, it turns out, a recent sale to a Chinese manufacturer didn’t go as planned for the store.

In October 2018, Grange opened an outlet in Shanghai’s Shanghai district.

It was set up as an outlet of sorts for Chinese sellers, but instead of selling electronic items, the outlet sold everything, including computers, televisions, phones, TVs and even iPads.

Grange’s Chinese partner, ZTE, bought the store and put it up for sale.

ZTE has since acquired Grange for $3.8bn (£2.8billion).

“We are very pleased with the outcome,” ZTE said in a statement.

“We were pleased to have Grange as an opportunity to sell our assets in China.”

Grange had been looking to buy an electronics store in the UK since the late 90s, when it was looking for a buyer for a factory in the city.

Granges UK owners bought the business from ZTE in 2013, but it only lasted until 2018.

Granges UK owners said they were not aware of the sale.

“Our UK management team is pleased that Grange has been acquired by ZTE,” the company said.

“Grange was a valued and recognised brand in the marketplace.

Our UK team will continue to support Grange and the UK market as we transition to a new era of growth.”

Granges US store was not affected by the sale, and was able to keep selling its electronics.

In a statement, ZOE said it was “committed to continuing to provide the best online and offline experience for customers and partners”.

“We look forward to the future,” it added.

Grades of success Grange outlets are known for their low prices and high customer satisfaction, with the average sale price being about $100 (£62) per item, according to the US company.

But the sales of Granges outlets in the US are not as high as the UK’s.

Griggs outlet is the only Grange that sells everything for less.

According to a report by Gartner, Granges outlets sold over 1.4 million items last year, and it reported a total of 2.3 million sales.

Grigies US outlet sales are higher than Grange UK, with sales of about 2.2 million items, according the report.

The US Granges sales are significantly higher than the UKs.

It has more than 3.4m customers in the United States, and its US sales are nearly 10 times higher than its UK sales.

“Griggs outlet sales in the U.S. were driven by the growing popularity of the Grange brand in a rapidly changing electronics marketplace,” the report stated.

Grags UK outlet sales were not affected, as the shop had not been sold to ZTE.

It had a similar story to the UK.

In 2018, the shop was purchased by the Australian company, Blackberry.

According the report, Blackberries UK outlets sold 1.7 million items.

“Blackberry is committed to increasing its Grange online presence,” a Blackberry spokesperson told Business Insider.

“In the UK, BlackBerry UK has continued to grow its Granges customer base by purchasing new outlets and developing and expanding existing Grange stores, including expanding to London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.”

Grigs UK store was the only one that sold all its electronics for under $1,000, and only two outlets sold a single item for $100.

The outlet did sell a TV, a phone and a laptop.

The report states that the UK Granges sold $1.6m worth of items in the month it opened.

In the US, it sold only $500 worth of electronic products.

“The UK Grange sale is testament to the increasing popularity of Granges online offerings and the positive impact that it is having on the retail sector,” a spokesperson from the US Department of Commerce told Business News Daily.

“Over the past two years, the UK has made great strides in becoming a more competitive marketplace for retailers, thanks to the success of the online marketplace, the growth of Grigges UK business and the inclusion of some of the largest and most valuable brands in the global market,” the spokesperson said.

Grigs US and UK outlets have similar price ranges.

Griggles US outlet sells a laptop for about $700, while the UK outlet sells for $600.

Grands UK outlet sold a television for around $200, while Grigys US outlet sold for less that $300.

“These two outlets are clearly showing the market that Griggs UK is a leader in the online electronics marketplace and that the Grigges UK outlet is not the only place to shop,” a ZTE spokesperson told us.

Grifters US outlet has a price range of $500-700, and the