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Why Dubai is the next hub for US exporters

Dubai is attracting exporters and investment companies for the first time, with the UAE having become the first destination for foreign companies looking to buy and sell their products. The UAE was a hub for the oil industry in the early 1980s, when the country was in its first decade of independence.Since then, the capital has […]

Avon to start selling on eBay for $25 per item

Avon said on Thursday it is buying online retailer eBay for about $25 a share.The deal could help Avon’s struggling e-commerce business, which is struggling to make a dent in the $30 billion e-retail market, even as the online-only retail giant continues to struggle to compete against Amazon.The acquisition is expected to close sometime in […]

How to buy asics for the ultimate price

How to Buy Asics for The Ultimate Price : From the lowest price on the market to the highest.From the smallest to the largest.All at a price you can afford.With asics sales, there are many products to choose from.For this guide, we have selected some of the most popular brands and their best deals on […]

How to buy a Zales outlet for sale

How to sell a Zalls outlet for $15.99 or more:Buy one of the Zales outlets for $10.99, and you’ll get the option to buy more of the outlet.The sale includes one year of your account.For an unlimited period of time, you’ll be able to keep the same price you paid for the Zalls brand and […]

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