The last big sale in UAE has been announced, with the Dubai DSB outlet selling a total of 15,000 square metres of space for $15 million.

The Dubai-based Dubai Sports Council announced on Friday that it had received bids from two outlets for the space, which will house an 8,000-square-metre indoor arena for the 2022 World Cup.

Dubai Sports Council Chairman Mohamed al-Ghabab said the outlet sale would mark the beginning of the new chapter for the Emirati sports and entertainment industry.

“It is the last big market sale in the UAE,” he said.

“There will be a huge amount of growth for the UAE in 2022, with new stadiums and other venues, but we cannot have a massive number of venues without new, attractive venues.”

We need to make sure we have a great environment for people to come to and visit Dubai.

“The outlet sale is a landmark event for Dubai as the venue has been used by the Dubai National Team to host the 2022 Asian Cup in the country.

Dubay Sports Council is a public company owned by the Government of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

It is based in the Dubai International Airport and is the UAE’s largest private-sector operator.