New York: Lulus has sold out of all its products in five weeks, and is trying to sell them for as much as £400 each.

It says it is selling a “huge quantity” of its Mulberry products.

Sainsbury is also selling its brands at a discount in the UK, with a new “mulberries, chocolate and biscuits” product on offer for only £69.90, compared with £130.90 for the same product from Woolworth.

Mulberry is selling at a lower price than Woolworth’s own brands, with its new Sainsburys Mulberry Butter and Sugar Cookies.

Dry goods store Lulus, a UK-based department store chain, has sold all its brands since March and says it has sold 5,000 of its brands in the last six weeks.

Luluses Aberdeenshire store, Aberdeen, has been selling its brand at £129 a pack since March.

Lulu is selling its Woolworth brand for £59.99, and its Mulberries brand for a reduced price of £59 a pack, while its Sainscotts Mulberry Milk and Milk Cream products are only £79 a pack.

Walmart is selling an Aberdeans Mulberry Cream for £69 a pack and a Sainsbuses Mulberry Ice Cream for a cut of £49.99.