Buy a fresh mango, and you can get a bargain.

The mango outlet in India, the Indian Amazon, sells for around $2.50.

But that’s not all.

The Amazon, an online marketplace with nearly 10 million listings, sells mangoes in its Indian section for around a buck.

Buy two mangoes and you get a bag of rice.

The website, which offers mangoes as well as mango juice, offers discounts on its mango juice too.

“We offer mangoes at a discounted price,” said K. V. Thakur, the executive director of the mango outlet.

“If you are a regular shopper, you can buy it for only Rs. 10.50, which is very good.”

Read more:India’s mango supply problem is the biggest in the worldThe Indian Amazon is the only one of its kind, with about 10,000 mango farms operating in the country.

It also has a mango farm in Jammu and Kashmir, which produces around 1,500 kilograms of mangoes per year.

The website, called, says the mango is an important crop in the region.

“It is a valuable crop because it is grown in many parts of the world,” said Thakum.

“There are also several mango varieties which are good in various regions.

The market is the most profitable among them.”

The website also sells mango juice at Rs. 6 a litre for about 30 cents per litre.

The prices are very reasonable, considering the fruit is one of the few fruits grown in India and its price has been steadily falling for the last few years.

The Indian mango is grown from the pods of a wild mango that is a species native to South America.

It is harvested from the pod by a single woman, who has to peel off the seeds.

The fruit is then harvested, dried and packed into bags.

It’s then shipped to the US, where it’s sold in the United States and Canada, among other places.