BEALS has just launched a new outlet and the first of several outlets to open for sale in the U.S. after the retailer announced that it will soon be expanding its online store.

BellaSue, which started selling beauty products in April, announced in April that it would be expanding into online retail in addition to brick and mortar retail outlets, and its new outlet, the B-Store, will open on June 20.

“Bella was the perfect place to launch this brand with the launch of the BStore,” said Melissa Beals, vice president of sales and brand development for BellaSue.

“Our goal was to be the first outlet to go into the marketplace, and we’ve worked hard to get there.

We are very proud to be able to expand our business in the United States.”

The outlet’s new name will be the Balsettes Beauty and Shoppe, the brand name of the brand’s new online store, which has been named BellaSues Beauty and Shop.

Beals said the store will offer more than 400 different products, from hair and nail care to body care, face care and cosmetics.

The B-Sites online store also includes BellaSans Beauty and Beauty and Body, which will be available for purchase through its brick-and-mortar stores.

The outlet will be able sell a wide range of products including makeup, cosmetics, skin care, haircare and more.

The Balsees Beauty and Skin will include a wide selection of products, which include the BellaSays Skin, BellaSucks Skin, Skin Saver, BellaCare and more, Beals said.

The BellaSites beauty and skin collection will be a “global presence” in the store, Bealls said.

Beals hopes that the new store will provide a better experience for customers who are shopping for beauty products online.

“We want to provide the best customer experience possible, so we’ve partnered with top brands, including the likes of Urban Decay, and will provide you with a truly seamless experience,” she said.

“We’ve also teamed up with our partner brands and will have a full line of beauty and skincare products to complement our existing offerings.”

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