4 for 10,000 is a very unusual amount of money.

And the price tag doesn’t even include the time, energy, and effort needed to buy it.

According to the listing, this piece of vintage furniture was purchased by a woman in South Carolina in the 1980s.

The seller, Sarah Harkins, claims that the piece was in great condition and had never been used.

Her website lists the exact year it was purchased as 1983.

She then adds that it was a gift from her parents, and that she purchased it to help support her two daughters.

Sarah Harkens told The Huffington Post that she bought the furniture because she felt the quality was not as good as it was.

“It had never seen a real owner before,” she said.

Harkins is now selling the furniture through her Etsy shop, where it currently sits at $10k.

In addition to the furniture, Harkers also sells a number of other items on Etsy.

One of those items is a piece of jewelry called a diamond earring.

It’s a simple piece of metal that Harkings has made in her garage for a few years now.

That jewelry was once purchased by her father, who passed away in 2014.

Despite the fact that this piece is very old, Hinkins said that she decided to make a necklace that would hold up well to the elements and wear well.

While it may not be as pricey as an antique, it will probably still be a piece you can get to see often.